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Vitamin B12, a type of vitamin that we should not forget. Our human body needs various vitamins every day. These enter your body largely through food, some in a different way. Vitamin B12 is water soluble and has a supply in the body. You can buy the vitamin b12 online and order it at Vital Cell Life


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Active-B12-Folate Active B12 Folate

Vitamin B12 and folic acid Vitamin preparation contains the active form of B12 and folic acid.
per 60 tablets

Pyridoxal-5-phosphate-16-mg-(Active-B6) Pyridoxal-5-phosphate 16 mg (Active B6)

Pyridoxal-5-phosphate 16 mg (active B6), vitamin supplement. vitamin B6 in the form of P5P has the advantage that the vitamin no longer needs to be converted by the body into its biologically active f
per 100 tablets

Allithiamine-50-mg-(B1) Allithiamine 50 mg (B1)

Fat soluble vitamin B1 (thiamin)
per 60 caps

B-Complex-Plus(Alleen-op-recept-verkrijgbaar) B Complex Plus(Alleen op recept verkrijgbaar)

Ingredients per daily dose (1 caps.):    %ADH Calcium carbonate and D-pantothenate 30 mg 4 Vitamine B1 (thiamine HCL)  15 mg 1364 ...
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Methyl-Cobalamine Methyl-Cobalamine

Vital Cell Life Methyl cobalamine - Vitamin supplement.
per 60 tabl.

B2-Riboflavine-5-phosphate-22-mg B2 Riboflavine-5-phosphate 22 mg

Vitamin B2 in the active form in which riboflavin is converted in the body, namely riboflavin-5'-phosphate. In this active form it plays a role as a coenzyme in energy metabolism and supports energy p
per 100 caps

B3-Niacine-500-mg(innovated-composition) B3 Niacine 500 mg(innovated composition)

Vitamine B3 flush New composition: Without additives and a small capsule
per 100 caps

Branched-chain-amino-acid-&-B6 Branched chain amino acid & B6

Branched chain amino acid, whit active B6.
per 100 caps.

Dibencozide-coenzyme-B12-1000-mcg Dibencozide - coenzyme B12, 1000 mcg

Dibencozide coenzyme B12 Also known as cobamamide and is the active form of co-enzyme of vitamin B12. The supplement is composed in such a way that the highest possible absorption takes place.
per 60 tabl.

Hi-Potency-B-Complex-B-complex-whit-minerals Hi Potency B Complex - B complex whit minerals

Hi Potency B Complex - B complex whit minerals.
per 90 tabl.

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L-Tryptophan-350-mg-whit-Active-B6 L-Tryptophan 350 mg whit Active B6

L Tryptophan & B6 350/13mg
per 100 caps

Magnesium-taurate-plus-B6 Magnesium taurate plus B6

Magnesium Taurate plus B6, In case of inadequate intake of magnesium through diet or to provide the body with additional magnesium.
per 100 caps.

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Niasitol-B3-Inositol Niasitol - B3/Inositol

Niasitol B3/Inositol, In case of inadequate intake of vitamin B3 through diet or to provide the body with additional vitamin B3.
per 60 caps.

B6-B12-B2-Folate B6, B12, B2, Folate

Vitamin B6/B12 Folate, Vitamin supplement.
per 60 caps

Calcium-pantothenate-200-mg Calcium pantothenate 200 mg

Vitamin B5, vitamin supplement. Supports exercise, stressful situations and fatigue.
per 100 caps

Pantethine-B5-(improved-composition) Pantethine B5 (improved composition)

In case of inadequate intake of vitamin B5 through diet or to provide the body with additional vitamin B5.
per 60 tabl.

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Zinc-plus-Zinc-citrate-whit-vitamin-C-and-B6 Zinc plus - Zinc citrate whit vitamin C and B6

Zinc plus, in case of insufficient intake from food or for additional intake.
per 60 caps

What exactly is vitamin B12 and where can I buy it online?
It is a vitamin type that can prevent anemia in your body. In addition, it also contributes to good resistance. This vitamin helps to form healthy red blood cells and has a functional effect in the nervous system. The energy supply is also a factor in this vitamin.

Vitamin B12 is absorbed in the small intestine, but it first binds to a protein. This protein is produced in the stomach. If this coupling between the vitamin B12 and the protein does not take place, then the vitamin B12 is also not properly absorbed in the body. Vitamin B12 is also the only water-soluble vitamin that has a reserve supply in your body, mainly in the liver. Are you also interested in our vitamin B12 products? view our range directly.

What products does this vitamin actually contain?
Vitamin B12 can be found mainly in animal products. Also in some vegetable products, but usually much less. Liver, mussels, sardines, herring, fish, shrimps and lean meat are rich in vitamin B12.

How much do I need to receive and when do I have a shortage?
For adult people, a recommended daily allowance of 2.5 micrograms applies. You have a shortage if you receive less for a long time. You will not notice this shortage overnight. Your body first makes up the reserve stock of the vitamin.
What do I do in case of a shortage?
You can, for example, order this vitamin online in various web shops. Take a good look at the internet to see what options there are