Vital Oil - Fish-/Flax Seed -/Borage-oil- and Halibutliver
Vital Oil - Fish-/Flax Seed -/Borage-oil- and Halibutliver
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Vital Oil - Fish-/Flax Seed -/Borage- /and Halibutliver oil. Fatty acid supplement.

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Ingredients per daily lowest dose (1 capsule):    %ADH
Halibut liver oil  50 mg  
Fish oil  300 mg  
 - of wich: EPA  99 mg  
 - of wich DHA  66 mg  
Flax seed  300 mg  
 - of wich Alpha-linolenic acid  168 mg  
 - of Linoleic acid  45 mg  
Borage oil  300 mg  
 - of wich Gamma-linolenic acid  54 mg  
Vitamin E (d, alpha-tocopherol-acetate)  33,5 mg TE (50IE)  279%
Vitamin A (total in the oil)  450 mcg RE (1500IE)  56%
Vitamin D (total in the oil)  3,75 mcg (150 IE)  75%
ADH = (European) Recommended daily intake for minimal health.

Other ingredients:
None. Capsule: gelatin.

In case of inadequate intake of Fatty acids from food or for additional intake, to provide the body whit extra fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid, vitamin D and vitamin A. The product supports the formation of prostaglandins.

1 capsules daily

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Allergen information:
Contains fish.

Keep out of reach of children.
Keep dry and cool.

This product is a dietary supplement and is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and / or healthy lifestyle.

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